While I was growing eggs for the IVF retrieval, my ovaries were several times bigger than their natural size.  In a normal cycle a woman might produce one or two eggs.  All the hormones I took were to encourage my ovaries to mature more eggs than would ever happen naturally.  That way there are more eggs and more chances.  What I wasn’t expecting is that I would look 5 months pregnant.  I couldn’t wear any of my jeans or trousers, so I was in dresses everyday and completed the look with a slight pregnant waddle.

With hormones raging and a large belly I decided to call myself pre-pregnant.

On Monday I went to the fertility clinic’s surgery room to retrieve the eggs.  It is a short procedure but is done under general anesthesia.  I had gone 30 years without being under and this it was the second time in two weeks.  To collect the eggs the doctor takes a needle through the uterus wall and into the ovary to retrieve the eggs.

As I came out from the anesthesia I had apparently been telling the nurse that I was kicked out of England for being a light weight drinker.  I have no recollection of this conversation.

I found out that I had 9 eggs.

On Tuesday I got the best call possible from the nurse at the that all 9 eggs were mature enough, all 9 had liked the baby donor daddy enough to become embryo’s and all 9 are viable to be frozen!

It is surreal to be in the process of creating my child while knowing it’s just not just the embryo’s on ice, it is also where I have to put my motherly urges .  Some doctors recommend 5 years before I try to have a baby.

I should loose my pre-pregnant weight in about a month.


About tatumderoeck1111

Welcome to my new blog. When I found out I had breast cancer I threw a 'Drinks and Positivity' party. I wanted to keep the drinking (although my drink of choice in the future might be a healthy smoothie) and Positivity going, so I started this blog to keep everyone in the loop.
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2 Responses to Pre-pregnant

  1. Lauren says:

    9 beautiful potential Tatum babies… those are lucky little eggs 😉

  2. Lizzy says:

    This is really amazing, Tatum!!! You are amazing. Very proud of you – look forward to reading more about your recovery. Loads of Love! x

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